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NSN Township
NSN Township

It is one of the biggest ventures with an extent of 50 acres of land ful...

Rajula Thallavalasa
Bhoomatha, Brindavanam, Plots In Visakhapatnam, NH16 Facing Plots, Plots Near Raghu Engineering College


Prasanth Vihar, Bhoomatha Group, Bhoomatha real estates
Prasanth Vihar

Prasanth Vihar is a World Class Township located between the twin cities...

Opp Raghu Engg College, Dakamarri
Sri Chakra Valley, Bhoomatha Group, Bhoomatha real estates
Sri Chakra Valley

“Bhoomatha's Sri Chakra Green Valley” is the preeminent ...

Aroma Valley, Bhoomatha Group, Bhoomatha Real estates
Aroma Valley

Bhoomatha Real estate Pvt Ltd is an adorable real estate company and Anj...

Sai Balaji Township, Bhoomatha Group
Sai Balaji Township

Sai Balaji is a World Class Township located in between Tagarapuvalasa t...

Prakriti Enclave, Bhoomatha Group
Prakriti Enclave

“Bhoomatha's Prakruti” has the best road connectivity su...

Bakurupalem, Sontyam
ANR Royale, Bhoomatha Group
ANR Royale

We will strive to be the most preferred Property Developer and shall con...

Sri Padmavathi Township, Bhoomatha Group, ventures in visakhapatnam
Sri Padmavathi Township

Most reasonable and affordable price. Layout close to NH-5, Thaga...

NRI Royale, Bhooomatha Group, Bhoomatha real estates
NRI Royale

NRI Royale is a World Class Township located between the twin cities of ...

Opp Raghu Engg College, Dakamarri
Sai Durga Enclave, Bhoomatha real estates, bhoomatha Group
Sai Durga Enclave

Bhoomatha’s Sai Durga Enclave, a residential apartment located at ...

Mithilapuri Colony , Madhurawada
Polaki Residency, Bhoomatha real estates
Polaki Residency

Bhoomatha's Polaki Residency is an apartment complex located in Seet...

Gayathri Nivas, Bhoomatha Group, Bhoomatha Real estates
Gayathri Nivas

Gayathri Nivas is one of the residential projects constructed by Bhoomat...

Vijaya Residency, Bhoomatha Group, Bhoomatha Real estates
Vijaya Residency

Bhoomatha’s Vijaya Residency, a residential apartment venture near...

Kommadi, Madhurawada
Thanus Castle , Bhoomatha Group, Bhoomatha Real estates
Thanus Castle

Bhoomatha’s Thanus Castle is a residential apartment venture ...

Kommadi, Madhurawada
Hara Enclave, Bhoomatha Group, Bhoomatha Real estates
Hara Enclave

Bhoomatha’s Hara Enclave is a residential apartment venture n...

Sai Prasanth Nilayam, Bhoomatha, Bhoomatha Group
Sai Prasanth Nilayam

Bhoomatha’s Sai Prashanth Nilayam - A residential apartment ventur...

Radhika Residency, Bhoomatha Real estates, Bhoomatha Group
Radhika Residency

Bhoomatha's Radhika Residency is a residential project located oppos...

Susmitha Mansion, Bhoomatha, Bhoomatha Group
Susmitha Mansion

Bhoomatha’s Susmitha Mansion is a residential apartment ventu...

Sai Sadan, Bhoomatha Group
Sai Sadan

Bhoomatha’s Sri Sai Sadhan is a delux residential apartment ventur...

Srinivasa Enclave, Bhoomatha Group, Bhoomatha
Srinivasa Enclave

Bhoomatha’s Srinivasa Enclave is a 30 unit apartment venture comme...

Haripriya Heaven
Haripriya Heaven

Bhoomatha’s Hari Priya Heaven abetting to 60 feet wide road near E...

Raj Nivas, Bhoomatha Group
Raj Nivas

Raj Nivas located at Madhurawada, Visakhapatnam. ...

Raj residency, Bhoomatha Group
Raj Residency

Raj Residency is located at Sriharipuram, a major residential area in Vi...

Venkatadri Nilayam, Bhoomatha Group
Venkatadri Nilayam

Venkatadri Nilayam is an apartment building which is located at Madhuraw...

Venkatadri Enclave, Bhoomatha Group
Venkatadri Enclave

Venkatadri Enclave is a apartment complex located at Madhurawada....

Bajaj Complex, Bhoomatha
Bajaj Complex

A prestigious commercial venture at Ramatalkies junction, Visakhapatnam ...

Rama Talkies Road
Amma Complex, Bhoomatha Real estates, Bhoomatha Group
Amma Complex

A commercial prestigious venture AMMA Complex completed at Ramatalkies t...

Rama Talkies Road
Chennakesava Towers, Bhoomatha
Chennakesava Towers

Bhoomatha’s Chenna Kesava Towers A residential apartment Two bed r...

HB Colony
Haripriya Enclave
Haripriya Enclave

Haripriya Enclave located at double road, Seethammadhara. ...


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Prasanth Nagar, Bhoomatha Estates, Bhoomatha Group
Prasanth Nagar

Bhoomatha’s “PRASANTH NAGAR” has the best road connect...


No Projects Found

No Projects Found

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